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How to Make Plans Around a Funeral and Cremation in Hagerstown, MD

Hagerstown MD Funeral Home And CremationsAt Rest Haven Funeral Home and Cemetery, we pride ourselves on our low prices and our commitment to serving the families in Hagerstown, MD. For 15 years now, we have been offering several choices for funerals, caskets, cremation, burials, and urns. With our guide, you can find the perfect option. We're here to assist you in creating a service that is unique to you or your loved one's life. Our caring staff members are here to help you every step of the way, so please don't hesitate to contact us at (301) 733-3575 with any questions.


Getting the process started with making plans for death care services like a funeral and cremation in Hagerstown, MD, is best taken one step at a time. If the death is unexpected, it could happen anywhere. Emergency services must be contacted first if the deceased is not at the hospital or under doctors' care at home health or hospice. When the local authorities meet you in this crisis, they can take care of the legal clearances for the death certificate and record relevant information about why and how the death occurred.


Once the medical examiner is finished, you may call for your chosen funeral home to come and retrieve the deceased's body. These services are available year-round, including nights, holidays, and weekends. The corpse will be placed in refrigeration until more decisions regarding the specific death care preparations and needs can be made. It is possible to make these plans and distinctions ahead of time, even if death seems to be a far distant possibility.


Why You May Choose a Cemetery with Both Funeral and Cremation in Hagerstown, MD

An arrangement conference will be held as soon as possible with the closest surviving family members who are legally authorized to make these plans. A funeral is an honoring ceremony or series of events that help bring closure and offer a chance to pay final tribute to the person who has died. Because the corpse is a central feature of the funerary service, it is usually scheduled as soon as possible after the death date.


Cremation is a way to care for deceased remains through incineration (burning the remains). The body is placed in a secured, heat-proof chamber and burned until only the densest portions of bone tissue remain. These pieces are ground into smaller, unrecognizable slivers or grains, commonly called ashes. These ashes are often contained in a securely lidded box or vase called an urn.


Cemetery services can be utilized for both a funeral and cremation in Hagerstown, MD. Traditionally casketed remains have been interred for centuries. Above and below-ground burial solutions are available with burial plots and mausoleum tombs. Families can purchase multiple sites next to each other in a private mausoleum if they wish to be laid to rest near one another. Urn plots can receive the earthen burial of cremated remains. Columbaria structures offer small niche spaces to hold individual urns.


Finding Support for Those in Mourning

Grief is the psychological and even physiological response that allows us to move through the heaviness of emotion that comes with loss. Grief is a harrowing experience, and many resources can be made available to those in mourning. Understanding more of what is known about grief may help you make sense of the journey through bereavement. Here are some of the ways grief has been known to manifest and move through cycles and layers of healing:


Denial: Especially if the loss is sudden, the shock of a loss can bring about a sense of disbelief and rejection of this new reality. Feelings may be numb and very disconnected. It just doesn't seem real.


Guilt: The pain of loss is extremely intense. There may be unresolved feelings with the deceased that can add to your guilt at their passing. Your emotions and pain could also lead to feeling guilty for how your feelings and needs may impact others.


Anger: A response of lashing out and feeling rage over this loss is also considered somewhat normal. If you find this intensity out of control or dangerous, please seek help.


Depression: A tendency to self-isolate and move into profound loneliness may be a typical (though challenging) phase of the grieving process.


Moving Forward: At some point, deep and heavy emotions begin to lift for most people, and there is a sense of desire and need to start piecing life back together for a new future.


Acceptance: Though it likely won't come all at once, as you find a way to accept what cannot be changed, a sense of hope can start to accompany life. You will always miss and love the person who has died.


Hire Experienced Professionals with Full-Services Available

Saying goodbye to someone you love when death has taken them from life is an emotionally challenging experience for most of us. However, as you begin to work out the final arrangements related to service options such as a funeral and cremation in Hagerstown, MD, you do not need to go it alone. The seasoned professionals at Rest Haven Funeral Home can help with a full panel of service options to customize the experience to your family's needs. Come and see what is possible by scheduling a tour at our comforting spaces at 1601 Pennsylvania Ave, Hagerstown, MD 21742. Please call (301) 733-3575 for immediate needs or make an appointment to learn more.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

 1. Are Funeral Services Held on Sundays in Hagerstown, MD?

  • Funeral services are typically held on Sundays in Hagerstown, MD. However, there are many funeral homes in the area that would be able to accommodate a service on Sunday if needed.

 2. Can Cremation Ashes be Scattered Anywhere in Hagerstown, MD?

  • Funeral arrangements should be coordinated with a local funeral home. In some cases, scattering cremated ashes may be allowed in specific areas depending on local laws and regulations. It is best to discuss your wishes with the funeral staff and director.

 3. What Are Some Common Reasons People Choose Cremation?

  • People choose cremation services for a number of reasons. One is because they think it is a more spiritual way to dispose of a body. The second reason is that cremation is often less expensive than burial. The third reason is convenience, cremating the body is much simpler and faster than burying the body. Another reason is because of disability. If the person who died was disabled or in an accident, their family may find it easier to care for their remains if they are cremated. If you’re interested to know the service pricing, you can check out the link. 

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