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Rest Haven Funeral Home helps families in the Maugansville community with funeral and cremation services. We have been helping many people for over 40 years now. We are proudly serving everyone who comes to them. We offer a wide range of services to meet customers' needs and customs and will listen to you and your wishes to plan a celebration that meets your expectations. The funeral home has a full-service chapel, a large reception room with a stone fireplace, and three visitation rooms. If you have any questions, please visit us at 1601 Pennsylvania Ave. Hagerstown, MD 21742, or call (301) 733-3575.


When a loved one passes away, the closest surviving relatives are typically the ones who will be asked to plan and carry out any final service arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Maugansville, MD. However, if that is you, there is help available through the compassionate and competent professionals at Rest Haven Funeral Home and Cemetery.


If the death has only just occurred, legal clearances will need to be handled, especially if the end did not happen in a hospital or under a doctor’s care. Once the medical examiner has signed off, the body can be taken to your chosen funeral home. Basic decisions can be made regarding the care of your loved one at this time, and the body will be placed in cold storage until the arrangement conference is held. You can choose to have the body embalmed to deter decomposition temporarily, or the deceased’s body may be cremated.


Did you know that you can make plans for upcoming or future funerary and deathcare needs? Suppose you or your loved one are facing death (like in the instance of a terminal health diagnosis or advancing age). In that case, you can make designations and identify your preferences for final arrangements now. This is also possible even if you don’t expect to require death care services for many years to come. Many people approach this exercise to set their affairs in order with estate planning.


In addition to making these decisions ahead of time, it is also an option to prepurchase funerary and death care services before they are needed. If you do not need these services for many years, this could result in substantial savings for your family. Due to the impacts of inflation, today’s prices will likely be lower than future pricing. Planning and prepayment of funeral services are gracious gifts you can leave your surviving family members. The relief they will feel in knowing what your preferences are is priceless.

Why a Cemetery may be Helpful with both Funeral and Cremation in Maugansville, MD


Regardless of your choice for final arrangements, burial can be accommodated for both casketed or cremated remains following funeral and cremation in Maugansville, MD. Full funerals often include a committal service for the deceased as part of the conclusion of services and laying them to rest. Though there are more available solutions for cremains, burying the urn continues to be an excellent disposition option for many families. Rest Haven Cemetery features above-ground burial spaces for caskets and urns with mausoleum and columbarium structures.


An enormous benefit to utilizing cemetery services either with burying or entombing the deceased is that a natural place of the permanent memorial is created. Having this special place set aside for the tribute and memory of your loved one can support you and others who are mourning the loss. In addition, a place to visit on difficult calendar days such as anniversaries, birthdays, and other times of loneliness may bring catharsis and help you work through the myriad emotions that loss can bring.


The Healing Path of Grief


Though losing a loved one to death is perhaps one of the most challenging things we can experience, a healthy grief response is part of the healing path. With that said, there are many layers and nuances to the journey we call grief. No one person’s journey through loss will look the same—though some predictable cycles and layers are often experienced as part of this path. Many people benefit from the professional services of counselors and grief therapists who can support the navigation of bereavement.


Depending on which model of clinical grief stages you subscribe to, there are as many as seven stages or as few as two. Regardless of your experience, know that your situation matters, and many resources can support you. Let’s talk about some of the phases described by those who have studied and sought to explain the process of grief.


Though you will always love and miss your departed loved one, acceptance of this new reality and will to move forward will emerge for many on the other side of deep mourning. A sense of disbelief and shock-- even denial-- may be expected. A profoundly deep sense of pain and guilt of various kinds may also be part of the grieving path. As the pain intensifies, anger and bargaining may rise, followed by periods of deep loneliness and depressive states. Over time, the denial, pain, and other heavy emotions will begin to change and lift.


Experienced Establishment with a Rich History


The experts at Rest Haven Funeral Home and Cemetery bring relief to families who have needs surrounding death care services like a funeral and cremation in Maugansville, MD. With roots dating back more than 100 years, this firm has a rich history of supporting people in their most challenging times of loss. Call for assistance and design the final arrangements to bring healing with respect-filled closure and final farewells.

Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

1. Are Funeral Services Allowed in Maugansville, MD? 

  • Yes, funeral services are allowed in Maugansville, MD. There are a few options for funeral homes in the area, and most of them offer a range of services to meet your needs. If you're looking for something more unique or specialized, it's best to contact the funeral home in advance to see if they can accommodate your request. 


2. Can You Split Cremation Ashes Between Family Members? 

  • Yes, you can split cremation ashes between family members. You can either do this yourself or have a funeral director do it for you. If you want a funeral director to do it for you, they will usually have a special machine that they use to divide the ashes into smaller pieces. Once the ashes are divided, they can be put into separate containers or urns. Many families choose to do this so that they have a part of their loved ones as they deal with the grieving process. 


3. How Long Do Cremation Ashes Get Returned to the Family? 

  • The cremation process usually takes place within a week of the death occurring. The return of the ashes to the family is usually within two weeks but is typically much sooner. Some factors depend on the funeral home, the processing of necessary paperwork, and the number of cremations being done. If you’re planning a funeral, here’s a preplanning checklist that can help. 

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